We move products

Communications products

Mobile phones, IT hardware.

Premiums & brand development

Premiums, promotional merchandise - Brand development.

Retail & Residential furnishings

Store construction elements – Space-saving home furniture – Innovative merchandizing items.

Products for all well-being

Sustainable items.

Communications products

Mobile phones

Dees Supreme is a major bulk supplier of telecommunications goods including a wide range of mobile phone models.

IT hardware

Dees Supreme supplies a host of consumer electronic items and also collaborates in developing innovations to serve emerging needs.

Premiums & brand development

Premiums & Promotional merchandise

Dees Supreme develops and supplies promotional items ideal for brand buildings. We import attractive modern consumer goods with eye-catching branding that can complement marketing strategies and powerfully build brand presence and perceptions.

Brand development

Dees Supreme supplies, jointly develops, and imports a wide range of products suited as customer reward premiums. We supply, for example, household items, convenience goods, stationery, food products, and cosmetics for distribution in sales channels including stores, online catalogs, and direct shopping services. We further develop and supply raw materials and components for producing consumer goods.

Retail & Residential furnishings

Store construction elements

With unparalleled experience in supplying major retail chains, Dees Supreme expertly sources architectural items such as tiles, doors, and windows for constructing and refurbishing shops.

Space-saving home furniture

As rising city density and land prices reshape residential design, Dees Supreme provides furniture that optimizes space in houses and condominiums with modest floor plans.

Innovate merchandizing items

Dees Supreme specializes in innovative in-store retail appliances and fittings that bring transformative new functionalities.

Products for all well-being

Sustainable items

Amid rising public and private concern over health and sustainability, Dees Supreme can help meet your green needs with items such as shopping bags that are practical and attractive as well as safe, responsibly sourced, and environment-friendly.