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    Dees Supreme hosts IPP Contest #1
    31 May 2017 - Dees Supreme sought out innovation with the first edition of its IPP Contest, inviting DTGO members to submit ideas for new products. Eighteen concepts from 15 contestants were judged by a panel chaired by Khun Raj Tanta-Nanta, Group President of DTGO. The IPP Contest will be held twice yearly.
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    Dees Supreme follows ‘In His Footsteps’
    6 May 2017 – Dees Supreme management and members took part in an ‘In His Footsteps’ initiative by visiting His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s royal project at Wat Mongkol Chai Pattana Land Development Project in Saraburi. Participants learned about systemic land development.
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    Dees Supreme visits agricultural museum
    23 June 2017 – A team from Dees Supreme visited the Agricultural Museum Complex in Pathum Thani province to learn about royal projects by His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The center stands out for its unconventional approach to conveying information through various communication channels, models, and multimedia.
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    Dees Supreme announces IPP Contest results
    2 June 2017 – Dees Supreme announced the results of its inaugural IPP Contest. Winner:             ‘Unlimited Laundry Drying’ by Khun Phanpisu Julpanwattan 1st Runner-up:   ‘Heian Rod’ by Khun Juckchai Wattanamanon 2nd Runner-up:   ‘Liquiglide’ by Khun Thanakij Ruengsri Highly Commended:
    1. Khun Sarunrath Soichai
    2. Khun Sinee Suetabute
    3. Khun Sarintorn Amornjaruchit
    4. Khun Nakarin Vimanthong
    5. Khun Pornsuda Mingkwan
    6. Khun Ampicha Wongsuthilert
    7. Khun Karnkao Sutthawatpong
    8. Khun Sarigga Pongsuwan
    9. Khun Leonardo Di Vito
    10. Khun Pitsinee Jetjindakorn
    11. Khun Kan Rujiradumrongchai
    12. Khun Wannapa Hanchat
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    Dees Supreme takes ‘In His Footsteps’ trip
    10 November 2017 – Dees Supreme hosted an ‘In His Footsteps’ activity by taking a team to the Sufficiency Economy Learning Center at Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province. Participants learned how the sufficiency economy in agriculture can be practical and socially beneficial.
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    Dees Supreme wins SME award
    8 August 2018, Bangkok – Dees Supreme, represented by its President, Khun Vithit Arparpardh, received SMEs Award #10 from Khun Suwannachai Lohawattanakul, Director of the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP), as an outstanding SME. The event was held at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. The SME Award is organized by OSMEP and Thailand Productivity Institute. Trophies are given according to the Thailand Quality Award (TQA) guidelines, which are consistent with the policies of DTGO and Dees Supreme in implementing organizational development.
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    Executives & Members of Dees Supreme join shooting for DTGO Yearbook 2018
    10 October 2018, Meeting room 4, Head Office 695 Sukhumvit 50 - Photo Theme : “Journey to Future”. All members of Dees Supreme join shooting for DTGO Yearbook 2018. They all are shown in colourful dress and Bamboo copter referring to Doraemon Comic story.
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    Dees Supreme delivers ‘assistive tableware’ to hospitals
    26 October 2018, Dees Supreme has delivered ‘assistive tableware’ sets to hospitals as part of a social contribution initiative to help people with impairments eat independently. ‘The Aspen Tree assistive tableware by Dr. Singh Intrachooto’ has been designed in a project also involving MQDC, a sister company to Dees Supreme within the DT Group of Companies. MQDC’s The Aspen Tree is a specialist in services and communities for older adults. Designing the sets involved the research & innovation for sustainability center (RISC), MQDC’s research arm. Dees Supreme helped source and deliver the sets in line with its vision of innovative commerce to sustainably serve evolving global lifestyles. The assistive tableware has special features to facilitate eating for people with impairments, such as older adults suffering from conditions such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. research has show that older people greatly value the independence that the innovative tableware can give them at mealtimes. Dees Supreme president Mr. Vithit Arparpardh attended the launch of the tableware at RISC’s headquarters in central Bangkok.
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    Dees Supreme celebrates launch of sister company MQDC’s joint venture ICONSIAM
    9 November 2018, ICONSIAM - Dees Supreme President Mr Vithit Arparpardh, along with executives and team members, joined the Grand Opening of ICONSIAM, held under a ‘Legendary Party’ theme on 9 November 2018. Dees Supreme congratulates Siam Piwat, Charoen Pokphand Group, and MQDC, a fellow member of the DT Group of Companies, for having successfully developed the ICONSIAM megaproject.