About Dees Supreme

Dees Supreme Company Limited is a domestic and international procurement and trading specialist established in 1999 and experienced in helping clients identify materials and products that best match market needs.

In line with the philosophy of DTGO, our parent company, we source safe, eco-friendly materials and products and we endeavor to work with companies that share our values.

These principles have been fundamental to building a sustainable business.

Who We Are


1. Deliver innovative, good-value products and services through expertly connecting global supply chains.
2. Constantly improve our services and expand our markets through the latest technology.
3. Embrace the core values of DTGO and foster a culture of professionalism, integrity, transparency, and social concern.
4. Give back to society where we can make a difference.


An international company focused on developing innovative commerce to sustainably serve evolving global lifestyles.

Our Values

D-Dynamic, T-Teamwork, G-Goodwill, O-Open minded.

How We Work

Dees Supreme is committed to being a fully integrated partner with all clients and their businesses, both inside and outside DTGO, in order to offer the most efficient, value-added solutions that achieve clients’ business goals and strengthen their brand equity.

Dees Supreme is a gateway and intermediary in the procurement, selection, and import and export of quality products and consumer goods, working from Thailand and around the world under the concept ‘Buy everywhere, Sell everywhere’.

The Team
Vithit Arparpardh


Dees Supreme has grown rapidly since 1999 by expertly providing products from a variety of sources, mainly in China. Under the concept ‘Buy everywhere, Sell everywhere’ we are now entering new markets. Our team meanwhile continues to develop its ability, aligned with DTGO’s culture and core values.

The Team


Senior Vice President


Vice President


Senior Vice President

The Team

The Team

The Team